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Below-Grade Waterproofing

Every type of building, commercial and residential, comes in contact with water both above the ground and below it. Below-grade waterproofing is applied to structure that are below the ground level. Designing a waterproofing system that completely protects areas like foundation walls or traffic structures requires carefully combining the right solutions for the project and its jobsite conditions.

Commercial Waterproofing

Our Below-Grade Systems

Below-grade systems differ greatly from above-grade waterproofing. Above-grade products are exposed to a lot more elements like sunlight and extreme temperatures, while below-grade areas are susceptible to hydrostatic pressure and varying soils. At JM Caulking and Construction Services, the systems we use a wide range of waterproofing products and can easily recommend the best options based on your unique project.

Commercial Applications

Waterproofing is a very important step in any commercial construction process. Waterproofing systems need to be designed for efficiency and long-term durability. This is especially true for large, demanding commercial projects that require more in-depth planning. JM Caulking and Construction Services systems can be applied in any kind of structure either during initial construction or as a renovation technique for old buildings.
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Commercial below-grade waterproofing projects typically differ based on their purpose. This can range from standard commercial basements for offices or parking garages to more demanding applications for below-ground structures like underpasses and service rooms. The below-grade projects we specialize in include:

  • Basements
  • Archive rooms
  • Technical rooms
  • Leisure facilities
  • Below-grade living areas
  • Mechanical service rooms
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