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Driveway Repair & Maintenance

Preserve the pride you have in your home.

At JM Caulking and Construction Services we understand the pride you feel in your home and are here to help you preserve it! Our Council Bluffs caulking, concrete sealing, and driveway repair services benefit the present and the future of your home, improving the look of your asphalt and concrete surfaces, and increasing the longevity and durability for years to come.

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JM’s Caulking specializes in concrete repair and replacement services from leveling and sealing to completely repouring slabs. We ensure your concrete lasts for years to come.

Concrete Sealing

Keep your surfaces strong and long-lasting. Our concrete professionals can eliminate cracking and corrosion by protecting your concrete with our advanced sealing solution.

Exterior Caulking

Protect and maintain your new concrete slabs with preventative solutions. We properly caulk and seal them during construction to ensure harmful contaminants can’t get in.

Joint Sealing

Safeguard your slabs from water damage. Formulated to resist harmful elements, JM’s joint sealants protect your concrete’s integrity and increases its flexibility.

Epoxy Flooring

Upgrade your concrete floors with a coating that provides protection against heat, UV damage, chemical spills, and slipping. Our flooring comes in customizable, durable designs.


Preserve the beauty of your commercial property by protecting it from corrosive substances. From expert pouring to repairing and sealing, JM’s offers several commercial services.


Repair your brick exterior’s crumbling mortar and restore your home or business’s curb appeal with easy, affordable tuckpointing services.

Industrial Interior

Equip your industrial space with a watertight, sealed interior and protect your supplies from water damage.

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Our team of Council Bluffs caulking experts use only the latest technologies and materials to help you keep your driveway in great shape. Whether it is concrete or asphalt, we have a solution that will fit your needs and help you keep your home in the best shape possible. Performing regular maintenance on your driveway can help you prevent costly expenses down the line. Once you begin to see cracks in your driveway it is imperative that you call a Council Bluffs driveway repair specialist from JM Caulking and Construction Services as soon as possible. Our team of experts will then assess your concrete, noting the damage, and let you know if you need a simple repair, or if you should consider a full driveway replacement. If a full driveway replacement is not an option, we will work with you to come up with a solution that fits your needs, while helping you preserve the pride you have in your home.
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JM Price Match Guarantee

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality service around. If you find another company with the same service, product, and expert process as JM Caulking and Construction Services, but for a lower price, we’ll match it! Ask about our terms and conditions during your free estimate, or contact us to learn more.

Answers to common questions our customers ask.

Why should I choose JM Caulking and Construction Services?

One of the most important things you want to know when deciding to trust a company: why should I choose you? At JM Caulking and Construction Services, we are dedicated and passionate about providing our customers with genuine, honest care. Time and time again, our track record has proven not only our excellence in customer service, but in top-quality products, methods, and expertise. All in all, our company is built on a foundation of trust, and we believe that goes a long way.

Why do I need to caulk and seal my concrete?

Concrete is tough, but not indestructible. It’s important to preserve the life of your concrete surfaces from natural elements, chemicals, and daily wear to keep it from staining, cracking, and eroding.

What does your warranty cover?

The JM Caulking and Construction Services Warranty covers any natural failure in the caulking or adhesion of caulking to the concrete itself.

How do your prices compare with competitors in the area?

To put it simply, we don’t claim to be the lowest-priced concrete service on the market, and for good reason. We believe that the most innovative, high-quality products and processes are essential for results that are proven to last. We take pride in our work, and it’s our goal to exceed expectations on every project and never cut corners with cheap solutions.

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