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Custom Epoxy Floor Installation in Omaha

Upgrading old concrete or tile floors can seem like a hassle. No one wants to spend time pulling up tiles, and concrete needs proper sealing or the materials you use on top may incur damage, specifically water damage, down the line. For a beautiful, affordable option, consider an epoxy coating!

Applied directly over your existing concrete or tile, epoxy provides intricate, beautiful layers of color to create the custom design, shade, and finished product you imagine. For a classy, attractive finish without the price tag of expensive high-end materials, call JM Caulking to install your new epoxy floors in Omaha.

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No Water Damage, No Stains, No Slipping

Epoxy coated floors provide a number of benefits aside from the low cost of material and installation. Some of the greatest benefits of installing epoxy floor coating in Omaha include:

  • Durable, long-lasting finish
  • Easily adheres to concrete or tile
  • Heat & UV light resistant (won’t yellow with age)
  • Low maintenance
  • Salt & acid resistant (perfect for garage & work floors)
  • Seamless finish
  • Rustproof
  • Waterproof
Epoxy Flooring

JM Caulking’s Epoxy Floor Services

One of the things we hear homeowners love best about epoxy flooring is the seamless finish. To make this possible, a team will need to fill any existing floor joints or seams in the concrete or tile, making the floor perfectly even before epoxy is even poured. The experts at JM Caulking can seal your floor joints, making them level with the rest of the surface before pouring your new epoxy to ensure your new floors have the smoothest possible finish.

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If you’ve been thinking about coating a floor in your home or business with a smooth, seamless epoxy finish, call Omaha’s caulking experts at JM to ensure you end up with the most beautiful, flawless finished surface possible.