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Joint Sealing & Caulking

One of the most important factors that home and business owners overlook when it comes to their concrete is joint sealing, also referred to as caulking. As an Omaha professional caulking company, JM Caulking and Construction Services knows how vital it is to properly seal the joints on your concrete. Our expert contractors are here to ensure you have what you need for long-lasting, beautiful concrete. During our joint sealing appointments, our specialists apply caulking to all concrete joints, including expansion and control joints, to help prevent water infiltration.

Concrete Repair

Local to Omaha and experts in concrete repair, maintenance and pouring services.

By investing in joint sealing for your concrete, you can protect your investment by actively preventing damage to the concrete itself, as well as the subgrade. Joint sealer is exceptionally beneficial for your concrete because it prevents water, dirt, and ice from infiltrating the joint and causing damage. Joint sealing can prevent the intrusion of substances below the slab including radon gas. Not only will joint sealing protect the health of the concrete, it can also improve its appearance. At JM Caulking and Construction Services, we are an Omaha-based professional caulking company and an expert contractor in concrete and joint sealing. We work hard to ensure our customers are always 100% satisfied with the services we perform.
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