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At JM Caulking and Construction Services, part of our mission is to ensure your asphalt or concrete driveway remains in peak condition. Our concrete contractor in Kansas City will ensure work is level, smooth, and waterproof, so you can rest assured it will be armed against the elements. We use only the most advanced techniques and materials for all our Kansas City concrete repair and replacement services, so you can rest assured your driveway and all your concrete surfaces will remain in prime condition for many years to come.

When you trust our experienced team of concrete repair and replacement specialists in Kansas City for your maintenance, repair, and pouring services, you can avoid more expensive repairs or replacements in the future. If you’ve noticed large cracks in your driveway or your concrete slab is sinking, tilting, or showing signs of upheaval, our Kansas City concrete contractor will thoroughly assess your concrete to determine if repairs are appropriate or if a slab replacement is necessary.

Our Kansas City concrete repair and replacement experts have extensive experience in the concrete industry. We have diligently worked to provide excellent customer service and craftsmanship for the past decade. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service for every project, and the quality of our work speaks to our commitment to our customers.

Driveway Repair

Local to Kansas City and experts in concrete repair, maintenance, and pouring services.

After you contact JM Caulking and Construction Services concrete repair and replacement team in Kansas City, our experienced concrete contractor will thoroughly inspect your driveway. We assess the concrete for sealing needs, overall integrity, and joint sealing needs, and look for any water absorption. Once our inspection is complete, we will give you our recommendations and provide a free quote.
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Our experienced Kansas City concrete contractor and their team perform concrete replacements and a wide range of driveway repair services. We take pride in our work and will ensure your driveway is beautiful, easy to maintain, and remains in great condition for many years to come.

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If you need concrete pouring or repair work completed in Kansas City, you can count on JM Caulking and Construction Services. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions and to get you started on your next service. Contact us now to request your free estimate!

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