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When the mortar on exterior brickwork starts crumbling, it quickly gives the building a dated look. This damage also reduces curb appeal, making it more difficult to get top dollar if you decide to sell. JM Caulking and Construction Services Kansas City can help. We offer tuckpointing and damaged brick and mortar repair services in the Kansas City area that will refresh the look of your property!

Tuckpointing removes the old mortar from the bricks and replaces it with new mortar, closely matching the color to that of the existing bricks. The next step is to apply a contrasting color of putty in narrow lines in the center of the new mortar. These lines are called fillets and provide a sleek finish to any brick surface. Tuckpointing is a cost-effective solution for brick and mortar restoration in the Kansas City area.

Tuck Pointing

Kansas City Tuckpointing Services From JM Caulking and Construction Services

Our Kansas City tuckpointing team can work on the most damaged, corroded brickwork. Before we start, we will inspect the bricks to determine how severe the deterioration is. Then, we will remove any damaged mortar and select a nearly exact color match to your current bricks. Our specialized tools help us apply new mortar and add the fillets.

Tuck Pointing

Quickly Update Your Building

Another benefit of tuckpointing is that it reinforces the existing masonry work. This process prevents moisture from entering the walls, ultimately protecting against water damage and mold and mildew growth. Tuckpointing services in Kansas City are a more affordable solution than completely replacing your existing brickwork.

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