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Parking Lot Caulking — Omaha

JM Caulking and Construction Services offers industry-leading caulking and sealing services to help you keep your parking lot in top condition.

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Whether you have a concrete or asphalt lot, atmospheric elements and heavy use will inevitably lead to erosion. Our services can help you slow down that wear, extending the life of your parking lot.

Moisture Poses a Problem Without Parking Lot Caulking

Over time, hairline fractures and small crevices can form on the surface of your concrete or asphalt parking lot. While this type of damage isn’t serious, it can open the door to bigger problems.

As rainwater seeps through these cracks, it moistens the underlying soil, leading to shifting and erosion. This can cause some parts of your lot to “heave,” or rise up. Bigger cracks will eventually form, and you’ll have to replace large sections of the lot.



Watch Out for Potholes

Another reason to rely on asphalt and concrete caulking experts is to help avoid exposure to de-icing agents in the winter.

Snow and ice are familiar hazards local to Omaha, but ice removal can also pose its own problems. Once those de-icing chemicals leak through a crack or crevice in your lot, they’ll begin to erode the underside of your parking lot. This is the most common cause of potholes.

JM Helps You Prevent Erosion on Your Commercial Lot

Our sealing and caulking parking lot services can help prevent this cycle of erosion.

We’ll fill those small hairline fractures and add a layer of sealant to form a barrier against moisture and de-icing chemicals. Doing so will keep those elements from affecting the underlying soil, meaning you won’t have to worry about a rapidly eroding parking lot.

Trust the Omaha Caulking and Sealing Pros

JM Caulking and Construction Services will help you protect your concrete or asphalt parking lot no matter how long ago you had it installed. Our services will help you guard against the effects of adverse weather and other factors. Contact us today to request a free estimate!

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