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Polyurea Joint Filling

Concrete joint fillers act as edge protection to prevent joints from eroding or spalling under impact. Our high-strength polyurea filler is the optimal choice for medical facilities, warehouses, and other commercial floors with heavy traffic and equipment.

Driveway Caulking
Concrete Repair

Benefits of Polyurea Filler

Control joints should always be filled when floors are subject to heavy usage. These purposeful cuts in concrete allow for movement that’s commonly caused by changing temperatures. Without protection, they will quickly become damaged from everyday impact. We use polyurea-based filler because it:
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  • Cures fast
  • Has low odor
  • Does not discolor from UV exposure
  • Performs better in extreme temperatures

How Joint Filler is Used

At JM Caulking and Construction Services, we use our polyurea joint filler for concrete repair and when we apply epoxy floor coatings. Both services upgrade and protect your concrete floors from high traffic, dirt and debris, chemical stains, and more.

Concrete Repair

If your driveway or concrete floors have cracks, we can repair them with our polyurea filler the same way that we apply it to control joints. We can also refill joints that have worn and aged. Refilling them helps to keep out debris and moisture that eventually causes worse damage.

Floor Coating

The most common projects we use polyurea filler for are epoxy floor coatings. This process is a quick way to upgrade and protect old, cracked concrete floors. Before we apply the chosen coating style, our caulking experts fill and seal all existing cracks and joints for a seamless result.

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